What to Do Before Cosmetic Surgery?

The best thing to do before Cosmetic Surgery is to prepare your body for it. How? Make sure to start a diet and exercise at least 3 months before the surgery.

Start with:

- Detox the liver with this green juice for a week. Drink it in the morning with empty stomach. 

Ingredients: 2 stalks celery, 1 small green apple and 1 small beet.

Continue with:

- Choose a healthy diet. You can sign up with Vince for a total diet and exercise routine Here.


- Prepare your immune system with Immune IV Therapy. Find a local IV Lounge near you and get all the vitamins your body needs it.

- Get at least 3 lymphatic drainage massages to remove any toxin out of your system before the surgery.

The recovery is faster when you prepare your body before surgery!

Meanwhile you are preparing your body for the surgery, you can start searching for the Doctor who is going to perform the surgery, the Massage Therapist who is going to treat you after surgery for faster recovery, and all the products you need before and after surgery.